FLAT RATE SERVICES OFFERED (automatically billed at hourly rate if < flat rate fee)

File Review & Recommendations

  • Comprehensive file review & analysis of basic demographic information, type & mechanism of injury, adjuster’s notes & claimant contacts, ISO Search Report, medical records, prior/subsequent claim search & current releases

  • Comprehensive medical discovery plan & recommendations

  • List of recommended providers with addresses and/or fax number

  • Electronic discovery log template (Word document)

  • Fees based on claim status (medical only vs. time loss/personal injury) and age of claim (time since date of injury)

Organization of Hard Copy Medical Records:

  • Flat rates based on volume of up to ten inches (over ten inches by flat rate, lower rate with “File Review & Recommendations”)

  • Unorganized medicals received for “File Review & Recommendations” will REQUIRE this service, but at a reduced rate

Follow Up after Initial Discovery Received:

  • Follow up calls to providers for outstanding records

  • Organize & analyze updated medicals

  • Release re-analysis

  • Updated medical discovery plan & recommendations

  • Fee based upon volume (in inches) of medical records received in discovery

Medical Records Summary (for IME or other):                                   

  • Electronic document (Word)

  • Fee based upon volume (in inches) of medical records

AWCB Medical Summary:

  • On AWCB approved document

  • Provided electronically with my name as preparer

  • Rearrangement of records to AWCB required medical summary format

  • Fee based upon amount (in inches) of medical records, reduced rate if conducted with File Review & Recommendations above

Films Retrieval Assistance (for IME or other):

  • Comprehensive file review for certain and potential films/imaging locations

  • Release analysis

  • List of recommended providers and fax numbers (electronic Word document)

  • Fee based upon amount (in inches) of medical records reviewed

Disc/Films Review & Inventory:

  • Viewing of medical imaging discs or films for relevance and completeness

  • Inventory of medical imaging received – electronic document (Word)

Document Preparation:

  • All types of documents – case timelines, medical history timelines, forms, pleadings, releases, etc.

  • Flat rates for both new documents and documents created from templates in my inventory



  • Assistance with IME physician expert selection, IME letters, proof-reading, redacting projects, medical bill review for discovery purposes, and much more

  • Describe whatever you need done and I will let you know if I can provide that service

  • Billed at hourly rate, rounded to 1/10 of hour, unless we negotiate a flat or other rate in advance


  • I have an account with Alaska Legal Copy and will send documents and discs for copy, Bates stamp numbering, scan to disc services, courier to parties in Anchorage, etc. AT THEIR CHARGED RATES, with no service fee.


  • med discovery+ llc does not provide services to the general public.  No attorneys are employed by med discovery+ llc.





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