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I am a contract paralegal providing support services through my business, med discovery+ llc, to attorneys, claims adjusters, risk managers, and other professionals within the insurance industry.  As a former medical provider, I have vast experience with medical documents of all types, and I apply that experience in the legal setting to save time and money for my clients.  I provide comprehensive support services for workers’ compensation and all manner of casualty/personal injury claims. Read on (or click the links provided) if you are an insurance carrier, claims adjuster, self-insured employer, risk manager, or an attorney providing services within the insurance industry to find out how med discovery+ llc can be of service to you!!!


Insurance Carriers, Self-Insured Employers, Risk Managers

Optimal research requires focus and minimal distraction.  Claims adjusters rarely have those luxuries as they are the front line interface between you and your customer, the claimant.  I will work directly with your staff claims adjusters or third party administrators, either in-house or virtually, for their Alaska workers’ compensation and/or casualty/personal injury caseload, so they can remain available for what they do best – providing helpful service to claimants while keeping an eye on your bottom line! 

Claims Adjusters

As every adjuster knows, every claim does NOT need the full gamut of discovery.  My services are best utilized for the “red-flag” claims, including:

  • high dollar claims
  • "frequent-flyer" claims (claimant is known to file claims often)
  • claims in which immediate family member(s) of your claimant have a current claim
  • claims brought by a disgruntled employee
  • "morphing" claims (body parts and ailments added days or weeks, even months after initial report)
  • claims in which extensive medical treatment is deemed necessary for a relatively minor accident/injury
  • claims brought by new employees to your company
  • claims in which anonymous tips or social media accounts indicate potential dishonesty regarding claimant
  • when court records search shows significant history of litigious and/or criminal behavior

When discovery is needed, it requires thorough planning, diligent follow up, and meticulous scrutiny of the incoming documents in order to be effective.  It is very tedious and time-consuming, and frequent interruptions from the phone or email can derail the course of this necessary research.  With discovery as my only focus, I can give it the time and attention required to find, obtain, organize and review the information needed to enable you to work more efficiently toward resolution of the claim. 

Early and deliberate research efforts may also assist in avoiding costly litigation.  However, should litigation become a reality for a claim you refer to med discovery+ llc, your attorney representative will have a significant advantage with the discovery process already well underway and the most complete set of pre-injury medical records possible already at hand from the beginning of his/her involvement.

  • I look for prior/subsequent bankruptcies, personal injury lawsuits, workers' compensation claims, other insurance/injury claims, claimant/plaintiff-owned websites and social media accounts, other locations where claimant/plaintiff may have lived/treated, and much more as part of my general file review for recommendations.
  • I understand "doctor-speak" and what is written "between the lines" in medical providers' notes that may indicate suspicion for malingering, substance abuse, drug-seeking behaviors, or even fraud.
  • Obtaining all relevant medical imaging studies is EXTREMELY important when planning an independent medical evaluation (IME) - as important as having all the relevant medical records - but how often do your claimants/plaintiffs actually gather and bring them to the IME?  And when they don't, what recourse do you have??  Gathering these studies proactively and delivering them to the IME timely saves having to do it later anyway, which requires an addendum IME and further delays claim resolution...every delay in resolution increases costs!!



Whether your firm is a large multi-state operation or a one-person show, med discovery+ llc can provide as much or little paralegal support as you need for your injury cases.  Why pay taxes, workers' compensation insurance, and all the other costs of hiring another employee when you only need additional assistance occasionally?  I can provide full litigation support, including “turnkey” medical discovery services:

  • Comprehensive file review & medical records analysis for discovery plan development
  • Drafting releases for medical, psych, employment, and any other types of protected records
  • Sending requests, receiving responses, and conducting complete follow-up from my office, while keeping you informed of progress, then providing you with a finished product
  • Medical records organization, maintenance and preparation of medical and other documents for IMEs
  • Medical records summaries in Alaska Workers' Compensation Board format, or in any other format for all your needs
  • Medical imaging procurement
  • Assistance with medical expert selection, scheduling, & claimant/plaintiff travel for IME
  • Scheduling of witnesses (including experts and witness travel), attorneys, conference room, any equipment needed, and court reporter for depositions
  • Disclosure of records received to all parties per your instructions and following discovery rules
  • Medical bill review for discovery purposes
  • Digesting/summarizing depositions

I also welcome other legal services, including but not limited to:

  • Redaction projects
  • Proofreading
  • Document preparation
  • Document review
  • Litigation support

All my services can be billed to your client at your usual paralegal rates, but without the out-of-pocket costs of an employee’s salary and benefits package.


med discovery+ llc

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